Saturday, November 29, 2008

Listen to music from your web browser.

There are two excellent choices: GrooveShark: You pick the artist or album and GrooveShark plays it. GrooveShark does not suggest music you will like - you need to know what you want to hear. Pandora: You pick a song and it finds and plays similar songs to the one you picked. Pandora does not allow you to select specific songs to listen too. To my surprise I've found that Pandora , even though it doesn't allow me to choose specific songs, is usually the player I prefer to use. So far, both of these services are free.


Myke said...

Grooveshark does in fact play recommended tracks. It's called autoplay. You'll still need to know a song or artist to begin the list, but that's the same in both.

bwc said...

hey igor,

thanks so much for writing about us! we're insanely grateful for you taking the time to check out grooveshark, and we're really just honored to be mentioned.

as myke mentioned, grooveshark does let you hear a constant stream of new/similar music. i made a quick little video to show you how it works: .

thanks again, igor, and if there's ever absolutely anything i can do to help out, be sure to let me know!