Sunday, December 28, 2008

I can see you -- Google Analytics:

What are the three most important thing in the retail business? Location, Location, Location. By contrast in the decision making business, the three most important things are:Data, Data, Data. A great way for websites to gather this kind of data is Google Analytics. If you've never heard of Google Analytics I highly recommend you learn what gets tracked by watching this video. To see if the site you're on uses Google Analytics. Download the webpage and search for gaJsHost::
              => `index.html.3'

   11:38:10 (67.29 KB/s) - `index.html.3' saved [20285/20285]

   C:\TEMP> findstr /i gaJSHost index.html.3
   var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www.");
   document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));

From the above you see that uses Google Analytics, and thus collects all sorts of interesting data about its viewers.

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