Saturday, December 11, 2010

Set a System Restore Point

Start -> Create a  restore point -> Create

A few days ago my event viewer service failed to start, and I went on a crazy goose chase that was most unpleasant.  I suspect my life would have been better if I had a working restore point, so I'm sharing my wisdom with you: create a restore point now.

Some surprising things I found on my journey:

  • Eventlog not starting because The Authentication Service is Unknown (Error:1747) => Winsock Catalog corruption.
  • netsh winsock reset should fix said corruption but didn't in my case.
  • Rumor is when netsh winsock reset doesn't work and you need to get tcp to reinstall to rebuild the catalog.
  • Honestly I don't know how I got this fixed, but in theory a restore point would have fixed it.

Summary: Go set a restore point now :)

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