Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cool Tools: VirtuaWin

Virtual desktop software allow you have several desktops, and switch between them easily.  This is the equivalent of virtual memory, but for desktop real estate. Good virtual desktop software allows you to move windows between virtual desktops, and will have good usability including hot keys.  VirtuaWin is a great free virtual desktop app for windows,  go install it .  Once installed you should do the following:
  •     Customize the notification area to always show the VirtuaWin Tray Icon
  •     Use C-A-Right, C-A-Left, C-A-Up, C-A-Down to navigate between your desktops
  •     Left Click on the VirtuaWin icon to interact with your windows
  •     Right Click on the VirtuaWin icon to play with settings

Enjoy, and be sure leave comments if there are tools you'd like more information on.

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