Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cool Tools:Monitor Utilities

I use 3 big monitors, and use a few tools with them that many people haven't heard of that I strongly recommend. If you'd like to try them - here they are:

F.lux - A tool which darkens your monitors while the sun is down. Several websites claims you'll sleep better if you use this tool when computing at night. I can't validate the impact on my sleep, but I can say I enjoy using this tool, and install in on all my computers.

WinSplit Revolution - A tool which allows partial maximize via nice hotkeys. For example, C-A-9 (upper left  key on the number pad) 1/4 maximizes the current window to the upper left quarter of your monitor. C-A-2 (down arrow on the number pad) 1/2 maximizes the current window to the bottom right of your monitor. This is really handy with 27"  or larger monitors, or 24" monitors in portrait mode.

Leave a comment if you have other good monitor utilities.


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