Monday, September 02, 2013


I'm cross posting this to my health blog

Twitter it is a tool to let people share frequent simple thoughts, effectively thinking out loud.   Twitter apps exist on all types of computers and phones, letting you share brief thoughts easily.

Gratitude is a feeling acknowledging a benefit you receive.  The more I focus on being grateful the better I feel.   As with most feeling, the more I think about gratefulness, the more grateful I become. To encourage myself to be more grateful, I’d like to write down when I’m grateful.

Twitter and gratitude synergize - Twitter is an easy medium to share thoughts, and gratefulness is a thought I want to have frequently.  I define the term gratweet as a tweet expressing gratitude.

Starting a few weeks ago I've been gratweeting, and I'm already feeling a better. You can follow my gratweets on twitter @idvorkin

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