Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cool Tools: Kindle

If you don't have a kindle, go buy a kindle paper white right now.  If you own a kindle, skim this post to make sure you know about these features.

Things I love about the Kindle:
  • All my books, all the time -  no shelf space required. 
  • No need for a nightlight - The back light lets me read at night, without the hassle of lights.
  • Indestructible Media - I can stop worrying about spilling coffee on my books.
  • Light weight - doesn't matter if it's a 2 lb mega book, or a few page poem, it's just weight of the kindle.
  • Fungible - All kindles are same, get a new kindle, it downloads all your books, bookmarks and highlights. 
Features I use:
  • Sync between kindles - if you use multiple kindles the kindle sends your latest page location to all kindles.
  • Look up word - Press and hold a word to see the definition. A great way to build your vocabulary.
  • Highlight Passages - Run your finger over a paragraph to highlight. You can see your highlights on other kindles, or export them using the cool tools below. 
  • Re-size fonts - Having a big font is wonderful for low strain reading. 
Cool Tools:
  • Send To Kindle - Send content (like web pages or word documents to the kindle)
  • Bookcision - Export your kindle highlights as text

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