Saturday, January 09, 2010

Keyboard shortcuts in Windows WYSIWG editors

I have a day job, and in that job I use Word, OneNote and Outlook.  For style I only use bold, italics, underline, headings 1-3 and lists. For some reason, I never learned the keyboard shortcuts for some of these, and thus I need the mouse to apply these styles. In case you suffer like me, here’s are the shortcuts that will set your mouse free.
Style Word OneNote
Heading 1 C-A-1 C-A-1
Heading N C-A-N C-A-N
Bulleted List C-S-L C-.
Numbered list ? C-/
Underline C-U C-U
Italics C-I C-I
Bold C-B C-B
Strike through ? C--
High Light ? C-H
List item up A-S-Up A-S-Up
List item down A-S-Down A-S-Down

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