Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Supply, demand and the trackball market.

The author of this blog is a devout trackball man, and as any devout trackball man can tell you, it has been trying times for trackball users in the last few years. You see trackballs were never really in style, and no one has made a new trackball for a while.  It's so bad out there that one of my favorite trackballs now sells used for over 200$ and new for 600$.

Crazier than that you can send away to get your trackball reconditioned on ebay, for a whopping 100$, where they'll clean it and put on a new cord.

Thankfully, there has been movement in the trackball market. Logitech released a new wireless trackball!!! So far I love the tiny USB receiver (which fits in the trackball when not in use). I wish the trackball was larger, but after several months of use, I can say it's a perfectly reasonable device.

ps. If you're curious, here's the history of the trackball.

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imagine if you were left handed