Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do you have a problem?

Recently I became a developer lead.  In case your company uses different titles, a developer lead is a software developer who has software developers reporting to her.

Since I became a lead, I've realized the different roles in an organization see the world differently. The table summarizes how different roles see a problem.

DeveloperWe have a ProblemF@!#$ one more thing to fix, how am I going to get this done
LeadWe have a challengeSomething isn’t the way we want, we’ll get it fixed
Manager (Lead of Leads)We have an opportunityMy competent teams will solve this.
Director Of Development (Lead Of Managers)We have a functioning teamYou think that's a problem? Ha ha, you'll fix it. You should see what i have to fix.
I'm not sure if this is brilliant, or just funny. Maybe it'll become the career choice acid test :)

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