Friday, December 02, 2011

Real World Artificial Intelligence

Today's  AI interaction was a spam chat bot.  Spam is an excellent example of big numbers times times tiny probabilities.

Below is the transcript of me talking to an AI (calikelya3) I especially like lines 5/6 and 7/8.  Impressively there was some pattern matching to handle line 9.

1) me: who are you?

2) calikeyla3: hey Im ashley. Dont you remember?

3) me: Did we meet at that conference?

4) calikeyla3: hey whats up? 22/F here. you?

5) me: are you a computer

6) calikeyla3: hmm. have we chatted before?

7) me: I have a fish

8) calikeyla3: oh ok. i wasnt sure. anyways.. whats up?

9) me: Do you have naked pictures?

10) calikeyla3: No sorry not on this computer

11) me: How do you want to get my money then?

12) calikeyla3:
 im like so boreddddddddd.... theres nothing to do
ohhh wait! i got a idea. have you ever watched a girl strip on a cam before?

13) me: This is what I was waiting for

14) calikeyla3: it turns me on when guys watch me strip on cam. do you want to watch me?

15) me: Yes, how do I give my credit card

16) calikeyla3: yeah? ok well you have to sign up on this site my cam is linked through so i cant be recorded.  it only takes a minute and its free ok?

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Richard C. Lambert said...

the robot because he wasn't trying to be dominating or compete for her as much as the scientist, who apparently also showed signs of an inferiority complex. It was really interesting to see it all blow up in her face at the end that she was being played the entire virtual assistant program