Sunday, March 17, 2013

The keyboards I use

Keyboards are a personal thing, but people often ask me the keyboards I use.  I'm a heavy computer user, I've tried lots of keyboards and these are the ones I've settled on:

Desktop Keyboard: Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop (L5V-00001)  - My *new* desktop keyboard, the keyboard I use for 8 hours of typing.  Uses a custom wireless dongle, and has a removable number pad.  Very sleek, I wish there was a little more key travel, but I think after a bit of use I'll prefer it over the Ergo Desktop 7000.

Portable  Keyboard:  -   Goldtouch Go2Mobile - A fully adjustable (like crazy adjustable), really comfortable, and relatively portable keyboard.  I say "relatively portable" because the keyboard can fold up so it fits in your bag,  but it's still bulky and weighs a pound.  I only bring the keyboard with me if I plan on typing more then 30 minutes.  A non-obvious advantage of bringing a portable keyboard is you can put your laptop on a raised surface so you can type without having to strain your neck looking down at the screen.

Media Center Keyboard: Logitech K830 - An awesome back lit keyboard with built in trackball. If your considering the cheaper logitech K400, don't, it's got a very difficult to use trackpad and the keys are in strange positions. Do yourself a favor and get the K830.

Happy Typing - leave a comment if there's an amazing keyboard I need to try. 

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