Saturday, May 25, 2013

Onenote needs a password to your skydrive account error (0xE0000024)

Skip this post unless you're having a problem where onenote starts asking for the password to your skydrive account.  Solution copied from here.

Onenote is my digital brain, and like my real brain sometimes it gets confused :) For example, twice onenote has said the password to my skydrive account is invalid(*), and refused to allow me to re-enter the password, making onenote effectively useless.

The fix in Windows 8 for when this happens again:
 Search -> Settings -> Credentials.
 Select - MicrosoftOffice15_Data....

Restart onenote, and you'll now be able to enter your account password.

(*) I think the thing corrupting my credentials is moving time on my machine into the future.

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Steve Junor said...

Thanks Igor - you rock!