Monday, December 23, 2013

Scaling up knowledge workers

Every year I try to spend a month doing things I’m proud of such as developing new ideas, sharpening the saw, and moving pet projects forward. Scaling up knowledge workers is one of those ideas

I’m a knowledge worker, and I want to get the most out of myself that is possible. I call this scaling up, and it’s something I’m passionate about. The tooling for scaling up is in its infancy, so I’m helping to develop it.

Personal Analytics

One of the first area’s I’m developing is personal analytics. Personal analytics answers questions about you, and the first branch of personal analytics I’m exploring is screen time analytics. In this domain I’ve written either sensors, sensor downloaders and/or dashboards:
Analytics Type Sensor/Data Extractor Visualizer
Outlook E-mail psOutlook Email Analytics
Screen Time Rescue Time Analytics Screen Time Analytics
Time Usage Time Usage Reporter TBD

Onenote Automation

I do alot of my writing (and writing is thinking) in onenote, and so I need a onenote scripting capability. To that end, I’ve implemented a oneonote interface assembly, OnenoteObjectModel, and some useful functionality:
  • Clean up empty pages (easily created by accidental key strokes in onenote)
  • Daily Template Insertion

Frequently asked question forum

Developers find most of their answers on stack overflow, but what about questions that apply to a person? For that, I’ve setup a stackoverflow clone called OSQA (Open Source Question & Answer), and I run it at IgQA. So far no users and few questions, but hopefully it will evolve.
IgQA Screen Shot

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