Saturday, May 23, 2015

Measuring In the moment happiness (InMoHap) with moodles (Mu)

This post is in progress to help me flesh out my progress -- feedback please! 

TL;DR:  Moodles, abbreviated Mu, is a measure of in the moment  happiness" (InMoHap), which is extremely helpful when exploring positive computing. 

The case for moodles. 

The goal of positive computing is to make users happier, which means we need to measure happiness to tell if users are happier.   The current methods to measure happiness have limitations (details on request) , so we'll define a new ideal unit for in the moment happiness (InMoHap)  called the moodle, abbreviated Mu.

The properties of the Mu is it can be objectively measured at any moment of time with minimal  user interruption.    For example, just as a fit bit can transparently count your steps through the day, a Moodle-O-Meter can measure your InMoHap throughout the day.

Examples of using moodles. 
To get a good understanding of InMoHap and moodles the following graphs show some typical events through the day -- I'll flesh the below out with InMoHap graphs

Example #1: going through your day and getting triggered when you get a nasty gram from your Ex wife

Example #2: going through a normally grinding day

Example #3: Getting a surprise love letter from your partner.

The things that make InMoHap confusing: 
Even though moodles are a step up from our current measures, they have a few confusing properties:

First, the relationship between moodles and satisfaction is complicated (details on request).  For example, you might spend an entire vacation doing nothing but being drunk, this may high moodles, but does not improve satisfaction.

Second, moodles are the measure of an experience at a point in time.   The moodles a situation produces for the experiencing self, may be different from the moodles as experienced by the remembering self. The remembering self uses the  peak end rule 

For example, imagine today at 5pm Bob is running and in pain, having a low Mu.  Tomorrow when Bob remembers the run as a great experience and remembering the experience of running he has a high moodle count. 

Approximating Moodles with existing tools and measures
Sadly, moodles don't yet exist. However we have some ability to measure happiness which I'll describe here.

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