Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Startupville: Reading list

Books I recommend:

Start small stay small  - How to build a realistic software business.  
Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition design - Value prop, and business is king. This book is a must read.  Be sure to by the print book as it's full of pictures and diagrams. 
V is for vulnerable - A cute book on the attitude you need to survive as an entrepreneur.  
Lean startup - The book that kicked off how to run a startup
Traction - A treatise on customer aquistion strategies or how to get traction.

Books I'm reading now:

Zero to one - In progress looks great. 


In progress
Paul Graham - Paul is the founder of y-combinator and his writings defined the startup industry.
Brad Feld - One of the other best loves VC's. Often talks about funding, very interesting.
We don't sell saddles here - A treatise from the founder of Slack.

How to think about MVPs - A classic picture of how to build an MVP of a car. 

Commonly recommended books I could not finish:

Startup Owners Manual - Steve Blank - Steve is a smart guy (Mentor of Lean Startup Guy) and arguably the inventor of customer development,. However, I find his writing and this book meandering. I wanted to read this book but could not finish.

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