Saturday, August 22, 2015

Time.Ltd:Mortality Software

*This post is a work in progress, in the madman/architect phase, if you'd like to help flesh it out, I'd love the help.  please add comments or ping me.*

Why mortality software?

To be satisfied we need to live in accordance with the person we want to be.

Unless we know who we want to be, and act deliberately to achieve it, our satisfaction will be infrequent, and often accidental.

Mortality software helps you understand who you want to be, and supports you in being that person. In a nutshell, making your satisfied.

The first step for mortality software is helping you figure out the person you want to be and your values.

Who do you want to be? What are your values?

To figure out who you want to be, write your eulogy.  To make it easier, figure out the roles in your life. Imagine the person who would speak to each role of your life during your funeral.  What would you want each person to say?   That eulogy is the person you want to be.

Now imagine how you'd want people to remember the way you acted, especially during ambiguity, challenges and crisis.   Those behaviors are your values.

Your roles, how you balance your between them,  and your values are the person you want to be, your north star.

Most people who have gone through the eulogy process have found it incredibly difficult. Morality software will make the eulogy process easier.

Many people find this hard to imagine, so here's as a simple example. The eulogy module can start by presenting you different people and their values. Based on how much those people and values resonate with you, mortality software can suggest values that might appeal to you.

What else should mortality software do?

Becoming the person you want to be starts, by figuring out who that person is. Next it decomposes becoming that person into at different levels of abstraction and time scales.  Here's an example:

Time Horizon
Eulogy and Roles
Two year
Supporting  Projects/Accomplishments
Supporting Behaviors/Habits
Quarter -> Month
Decompose above into reasonable chunk
How to allocate time between roles
Decompose above into reasonable chunks
How to allocate time between habits/behaviors
Month -> Week
Week -> Day
Skill/Habit Practice Schedule

Mortality software will be both forward and backwards facing. By this I mean it will help you plan what you need to do to achieve your eulogy, and also help evaluate how effectively you are achieving your goals.   It will help you reflect, often helping you realize your initial eulogy requires change, or your behaviors require change.

Why call it Time.Ltd?

I conceived of mortality software when I realized my life is finite, and thus limited. I initially named my future mortality software package, but that did not feel actionable.  Instead of thinking our life is limited, we  should think our time is limited, and thus we should make sure we are using it
well.  Thus, I renamed my future mortality software Time.Ltd.

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